3 Steps to Make a Girl Laugh (And Why It Makes Getting Her In Bed So Easy)

Ask a girl, “What are you looking for in a guy?”…

And chances are, she’ll say “A sense of humor.”

Over and over, I find men confused because they think women are looking for a guy who has a sense of humor.

But what does that really even mean?

It has to mean something… right?

So today, I’m going to tell you what it means to have a sense of humor…

Why women love it so much…

And how to show yours to the next woman you’re with.


The #1 Difference Between a “Funny” Guy and a Guy Who “Makes Her Laugh”

It’s true that women love a guy with a good sense of humor — but this isn’t the same as a “funny” guy.

Women are not looking for “funny” men, even when they say they are.

Instead, they’re looking for men who have a sense of humor — men who make them laugh.

Sure, being funny can certainly be an attractive quality. No question about it.

However, it’s not really what women are looking for.

Just look around you the next time you’re at a comedy show and see if the women have the same look on their faces that they have at a rock concert.

Yes, guys like Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Dane Cook and Jim Carrey are all funny — and they probably never had much trouble getting women either.

However, guys like Dave Atell, Louis C.K., Jim Gaffigan, and Bill Burr are also funny…

But they probably weren’t getting much action until they had a big following.

This is the difference between a “funny” guy and a guy with a sense of humor — a funny guy can make women laugh, but he’s not as socially adept as a guy with a sense of humor.


What Does It Really Mean to Have a “Sense of Humor”?

A guy with a sense of humor is a guy who “gets a joke.”

Is that what makes him attractive, though?

Not exactly — what’s attractive about a guy with a sense of humor is that he laughs in situations when other guys would get angry or upset.

If someone is yelling in his face? He laughs. Maybe he makes fun of the other guy.

If a woman is trying to control him? It doesn’t affect him. He smiles it off.

A guy who has a sense of humor is not overly sensitive.

He’s not angry or creepy or violent.

Instead, he’s cool, calm, and confident.

This is what it means to have a sense of humor — having the ability to find humor in things, or being willing to laugh.

But why do women like this quality so damn much?


Why Women Love a Guy Who Can Make Them Laugh

When a woman says, “I like a guy who makes me laugh,” she is being 100% honest.

However, perhaps most men are hearing it wrong.


Because when a woman likes a guy — whether or not he has a sense of humor — he makes her laugh.

That doesn’t mean his making her laugh produces the feelings of “I like you” (although they can).

No — when a woman is with a man she likes, she is nervous. And her nervous reaction is to laugh. Often.

In addition to this, being around a guy she finds attractive triggers automatic mating behavior, like smiling and showing teeth.

Attraction also brings out a submissive quality in women — so she feel like and often acts like a little girl, resulting in giggling and other girlish behavior.

Just like the ability to laugh at yourself is a sign (and usually a result) of confident and self-acceptance, when you help a woman laugh at herself, she feels those same emotions of confidence and self-acceptance.

And for a woman, this is incredibly attractive and enjoyable.

So with that in mind, here are 3 keys to making a woman laugh, so you can show her your sense of humor and turn her on:


1) Remember That You Don’t Have to Be “Funny”

While women love a man with a sense of humor, it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t force the “funny.”

It’s not necessary to be funny — your first date should not feel like an open mic or a standup comedy show.

Many dating coaches teach their clients how to improvise — this is not the same as telling random jokes.

So from there, here’s the next key to make her laugh the way she wants:


2) Show Off Your Sense of Humor

While you can’t conjure up a sense of humor out of thin air, it’s actually pretty easy to show her yours.

The easiset way to show her your sense of humor on a date is to ask yourself, “What’s funny about this that I haven’t noticed already?”

Basically, at that point in a situation where your natural response is to get anxious…


Or angry…

Try to think about laughing instead.

As you’ll see in many masculine characters — notably the Samurai when introduced in many Japanese films — the willingness to laugh is a major sign of strength.


3) If You Can Make Her Laugh, She’s Practically Yours

The final key to remember is that if she’s laughing, then you’ve won half the battle.

So when you’re on a date, and the woman you’re with challenges you (which she will likely do), try exercising your options to tease her, laugh, or smirk.

One of the easiest ways to make her laugh is to stare at her hard while smirking.

This shows her that you’re not intimidated by her challenges, and it also reveals your sense of humor.

(You can also try using one of these totally under the radar touches to turn her on fast…)

It will also likely make her laugh.

And once she’s laughing, turning her on is easy — here’s how to do it:


She’s Smiling & Laughing? Here’s Your Next Step…

Like I said before, if the woman you’re with is smiling & laughing at your jokes… it’s a huge sign she’s attracted to you.


It’s evolution, man — back in prehistoric days, women would bare their teeth & laugh as part of mating behavior…

So when a caveman saw a woman smiling & laughing… and he wanted to take her back to his “cave”… the next thing he would do? Touch her for 2-3 seconds.

He was subtle about it — so he wouldn’t have to worry about fighting off other jealous cavemen — but the touch was powerful enough to turn her on… & get her to focus solely on him… all in a matter of minutes.

When you use it on a woman today, it seems to bypass all her “mind games”… or her need for “charming banter”… and often, it’s powerful enough to get her to whisper those 6 little words into your ear:

“Wanna come back to my place?”

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