MANDIME Launches Baller: The Groin Deodorant

Men have asked… and we have listened. Lucky for them, ManDime, the premier men’s fragrance brand known for their expensive scents at a low price, has answered the demand for the arrival of its latest hygiene product. Without further ado, we’re pleased to present BALLER, the anti-chafing groin deodorant that promises to keep your family jewels dry and smelling amazing. 

BALLER is a liquid, non-talc powder formula for your groin to help reduce sweat, irritation, and odor. It dries quickly with no residue (no one wants chalky balls). 

What is Ball hygiene?  

For most guys grooming starts and stops with their hair and face. But, if your below-the-belt care consists of only a splash of soap every so often, it’s time to upgrade your ball game. You and your boys below are deserving of ball-focused hygiene practices that will improve your daily comfort, confidence and skin health.

So why is Ball hygiene important?

Aside from being an area that most men closely tie to sexual health and self-confidence, our balls also happen to be one of our most sensitive areas, prone to odor, itch, and irritation. For an area so important to us I hope we can all agree we should be taking care down there. 

Well, why do balls get smelly? 

Let’s be real! All guy’s balls can smell from time-to-time, it’s fine, it’s natural, and it’s typically because of sweat glands called the Apocrine Gland. 

Apocrine glands typically live in highly active, dark, hot and moisture-prone areas like your groin and pits. These glands secrete a concentrated fatty-oily sweat to the surface of the skin when either your body temperature rises or your stress hormones increase (ie. hot weather, sports, and general life stresses). The odor you smell comes from bacteria that live on your skin which consume and break down this sweat into a very odor-rich fatty acid. 

So what are some sack hacks?

1) Use quality and less harsh products.

The scrotum is comprised of thinner skin which helps with temperature regulation but also makes it very sensitive to irritation, so be sure to use products that do not have harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. When choosing a body wash we advise the more natural the better.

2) Wash your boys often. 

Your balls deserve attention, they’ve done a lot for you – pay them the respect they deserve. When in the shower make sure you focus on cleaning them and the area around them. In addition to cleaning, when you get out of the shower to make sure to give them a good dry, as the presence of moisture allows more germs and bacteria build-up. Give it a minute after you dry off to pull your boxers up. 

3) When Possible Reduce Sweat

Sweat causes sticking, itching, chafing, and odor. We don’t recommend wiping your armpit deodorant down below, but there are other products and grooming strategies to help control sweat in that region. 

Powders can help keep dry but most contain talc, aluminum, and other harsh ingredients. They can also be very messy and leave you with powder all over your clothes. If you use powder just make sure it’s doesn’t have any of the bad stuff. BALLER is a liquid powder is the perfect talc-free, aluminum-free solution that goes on as a liquid and dries as a mess-free powder.

4) Stay dry but not desert dry. Moisturize. 

We know we’ve talked a bit about making sure you’re dry down there – but TOO dry is just as bad. If you’re itching, have flaky skin or show redness – this may be because you’re more dry than you should be. A light balm, oil or moisturizer can help keep your skin protected.

BALLER uses natural ingredients to help gently moisturize and protect balls from bad bacteria. It also features well-balanced scents to keep you feeling confident you’re putting your best balls forward. 

Men can further elevate their full body grooming regime with the brand’s curated set of essential tools and formulations found in the ManDime Gift Set. This must-have kit includes:

  • BALLER Groin Deodorant 
  • ManDime Fragrance
  • Lip Balm
  • Breath Spray
  • Hand Sanitizer

Available on, BALLER (3.4 oz) sells for $12.99 and the ManDime Gift Set is priced at $29.99. Customers may also opt to receive the Gift Set as a monthly subscription for a lower price so that their balls never go without feeling their best. 

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